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Controlling the rain at LACMA this winter

London is 'The World of Charles and Ray Eames', at least until Februar

The history of Louis Vuitton laid out for you in Paris

Robert Mapplethorpe: if you missed it in Paris head to Montreal

Ceramix-ing at La Maison Rouge this Spring

Welcome to culturaliv (that's 'i.v.' as in intravenous)

"Official photographer of a Mali that had become independent"

If you're in London go see the Calder show

Anish Kapoor, born in 1954, across from Rembrandt, born in 1606

Picasso MANIA

In the Steps of the Master - Pupils of Hokusai

Project Runway and Christian Louboutin in 'Native Fashion Now'

Duchamp referred to Calder’s work as 'Mobile'

Sunday's your last chance to be purely present for 'Giacometti - Pure

Design: "one possibility among many for looking at Africa"

Hito Steyerl approaches the impact of images on our lives by using ima

Madrid...Reina Sofia...winter schedule

Constant Anton Nieuwenhuys is "not a designer, just a mere provocateur

There was a time Japonism dominated the fashion scene

Woman artist in revolutionary France

'Persona' grata in Paris this year (video in French)