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Anish Kapoor, born in 1954, across from Rembrandt, born in 1606

ArtFundUK talks 'Botticelli Reimagined'

When the FT refers to an exhibit as "thoroughly groovy"

Hold on for this Louise Bourgeois spot

will.i.am at the Louvre (sorry for image - click above for video)

Art and Infant: Masterpieces of French Painting

National Parks Adventure playing at the museum

No labels, just Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso (video in French)

Behind-the-scenes look at how CERAMIX came together (in French with su

Disguise: Masks and Global African Art

Budapest comes West

An art exhibition designed like a game of dominos (video in français)

'Persona' grata in Paris this year (video in French)

'Istanbul: Passion, Joy, Fury' in Rome

Céleste Bousier-Mougenot and his rock-playing birds (video in French)

A 21st Century approach to a 16th Century painter

The Art of the Guggenheim Collections

Will Ferrell goes museum

The father of modernity...100 years ago

I Wonder

The Brooklyn Museum