Ignacio Pinazo and the Avant-Gardes. Elective Affinities.

Modern Art Institute of Valencia


08 SEP 2016 - 17 SEP 2017
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The IVAM has scheduled one of the most special exhibitions to mark Ignacio Pinazo Carmarlench’s (1849-1916) centenary death, as homage to one of its most brilliant artists. If Pinazo did not enjoy more projection, it was not by his work relevance, which everyone recognized in his time, but by his isolation from the official institutions in order to transform Valencia into its creation axis. Pinazo’s work is widely represented in the IVAM’s Collection since its creation, and is, in fact, one of its foundations. Despite the artist significance, his works and presence have not always been understood and shared in a contemporary art museum’s permanent collection, with Julio González or other international avant-gardes representatives...