Time is Out of Joint

Galleria Nazionale


11 OCT 2016 - 15 APR 2018
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With the inauguration of the exhibition Time is Out of Joint, Monday, October 10, 2016, the National Gallery of Modern Art, directed by Cristiana Collu, writes a new chapter in its history by completing the extensive transformation process, reorganizing and re-equipping, started June 21, 2016, with the return to the public to fully renovated spaces, and the profound reinterpretation of its collections. The exhibition, whose title quotes the verses of Hamlet by William Shakespeare "The time is out of joint", probe the elasticity of the concept of time, a non-linear time, but stratified, which seems to put in place the dilemma of art historian Hans Belting "the end of art history or freedom of art". It is the final abandonment of any historical linearity for a vision that unfolds on a synchronic level, works like sediments of the long life of the museum: by Giacomo Balla, Gustav Klimt, Lucio Fontana, Alberto Giacometti Cristina Lucas, Adrian Paci, Sophie Ristelhueber, to name a few. Supported the reform of the special autonomy MiBACT, the National Gallery is proposed as a place of discovery, open to research and contemplation, and reflection space on languages, on exhibition practices and the role of contemporary museums.