Olga Picasso

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21 MAR 2017 - 03 SEP 2017
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The “Olga Picasso” exhibition will shed light on the years that Pablo Picasso spent with his first wife Olga Kokhlova, a ballerina for the Ballets Russes. The exhibition will try to put the production of some of Picasso’s major works between 1917 and 1935 in the perspective of that personal history, mirror of the political and social history of the interwar period.

Visitor Reviews

H. Aurelie

H. Aureli...

A great story
04 Jun, 2017

What I liked the most in this show: I was immersed in a real story, totally transported into their life, illustrated by Picasso's artworks and other documents such as photos and letters of his wife Olga. The painter is seen in a new way, more personal, even intimate. The superstar Picasso appears as the man, the husband, the father almost more than the painter. A must!

H. Timothy

H. Timoth...

The story makes all the difference
03 Jun, 2017

A Picasso exhibit is a Picasso exhibit, but this one is laid out alongside the intimacy of his relationship with his first wife. Having a story like that gives context to what you're looking at which in turn makes the experience really fun.