Pello Irazu: A Retrospective

Guggenheim Bilbao


10 MAR 2017 - 25 JUN 2017
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Pello Irazu is a key artist on the contemporary artistic scene, an outstanding figure in renovation of the Basque sculpture and, fundamentally, a creator who since the 80s has developed a coherent work extending over three decades. Alternating sculpture—the medium in which he develops a broader spectrum, ranging from small three-dimensional creations to large-sized installations and hybrid objects—with photography, drawing, and mural painting, Irazu’s work addresses the problems that occur in the relationships established between our bodies, objects, images, and spaces.

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Aurelie reviewed

Pello Irazu: A Retrospective
@ Guggenheim Bilbao, Bilbao, Spain
what is art?
01 Jun, 2017

No real order in this show, paintings and sculptures seem to be displayed randomly even if the whole was nice and restful. There were some nice artworks and some other that didn't speak to me. What is art? This is the big question I had, walking out from the exhibit.