Karel Appel: Art As Celebration !

Musée d'Art moderne de la Ville de Paris


24 FEB 2017 - 20 AUG 2017
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Taking as its starting point a remarkable group of twenty-one paintings and sculptures donated by the Karel Appel Foundation in Amsterdam, the Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris is presenting an exhibition covering the artist's entire career, from the CoBrA years to his death in 2006. The cosmopolitan Dutch artist Karel Appel is known as one of the founding members of the CoBrA group, created in Paris in 1948 and self-dissolved in 1951. With members including Asger Jorn and Pierre Alechinsky, CoBrA set out to eclipse such contemporary academic forms as abstract art, which they saw as too rigid and rational. They proposed instead a spontaneous, experimental art that included various practices inspired by Primitivism. They were especially drawn to children's drawings and the art of the mentally disturbed, and held fast to the international aspirations characteristic of the avant-garde.

Visitor Reviews

S. Rahim

S. Rahim

Génial avec les enfants
19 Aug, 2017

Super à voir avec les enfants, pas trop long et qualité des œuvres irréprochable: que du très bon! En particulier l'Archaic Life et sa vidéo prise lors de sa création

H. Aurelie

H. Aureli...

An explosion of colors and joy!
08 Mar, 2017

Again a big congrats to the Musée d'Art Moderne de Paris! I am rarely disappointed by the exhibitions presented there. This one is an ode to happiness, colors and imagination. The show is aptly named: Art is a celebration. I particularly loved a film of the artist improvising a painting, he appears possessed by his own art, at first we think he does anything and everything and suddenly the painting is here, beautiful and masterful... I also liked a lot the thickness of the paint coat, the irregularity of the surface. Beautiful from near and far, from the front and from aside. So go go go and bring your family (of all ages)!

N. Delphine

N. Delphi...

Fun & colorful
28 Feb, 2017

This was a very fun, colorful & joyful exhibition! I discovered this artist with this show and was happy to have done so as I really enjoyed the time spent there. I like what is behind that: it's inspired from children's drawings and mentally ill people. There is one video showing the artist while he is painting: it's very strong & powerful. I recommend you to go wander along this Karel Appel show!

H. Timothy

H. Timoth...

Donkeys having a blast!!
24 Feb, 2017

'Feestje' is Dutch for small celebration and it's spot on! I walked into this show not knowing much about Karel Appel and walked out feeling good so I'd say go see it. It's colorful and playful and will be as much fun with your buddy/partner/parent as it will be with your 5 year-old. And as for the donkeys you'll be greeted by 4 of them laughing their heads off :)