Kiefer Rodin

Rodin Museum


14 MAR 2017 - 22 OCT 2017
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The similar backgrounds, sources of inspiration and creative processes between Kiefer and Rodin reveal an instinctive originality. Drawn by the accidental, open to chance, they exploit all domains, manipulate all materials, heading off the beaten path and allow themselves a myriad of arrangements and daring transformations. Drawn by the debris and offcuts directly resulting from Rodin’s sculpture style, which he combines with relics of his own life and other unusual materials, Anselm Kiefer produces a series of entirely unprecedented displays. The artists takes it all in, absorbs and digests it to create new forms. Behind the glass, Kiefer watches for the spark of his metamorphoses with a keen eye. Similarly, the exhumed, tired and dirtied, sealed, broken and disembowelled moulds of Rodin’s works testify to a past life and a life yet to come. The form is imprisoned, preserved, ready to bloom, almost palpable, permeated, compelled and perpetually reinvented by the gaze of the observer. Echoing this presentation, the museum displays will be altered to exhibit entirely unknown plasters by Rodin for the first time that reflect the shared concerns of the two artists and the same aesthetic combat.

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Aurelie reviewed

Kiefer Rodin
@ Rodin Museum, Paris, France
Still a beautiful place to go
19 Mar, 2017

I was a bit disappointed by this show and especially its setting. Comparisons are maid between Kiefer and Rodin but their works are not exhibited in the same rooms. So except for a specialist it is not easy to really understand these comparisons and to mentally transpose what is explained to what you see. But the Kiefer part itself is awesome with many great pieces exposed. And no need to remind you that the museum is a jewel. Take the opportunity of your visit to grab a coffee at the café's terrace. If you come with children - they will enjoy the garden very much - but keep in mind that the strollers are not allowed in the (permanent and temporary) exhibition rooms.