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05 JUL 2017 - 07 JAN 2018
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On the anniversary marking the 70th anniversary of the creation of the Christian Dior house in 1947, the Museum of Decorative Arts dedicates an exhibition to the remarkable personality of Christian Dior (1905-1957), the role he has played in the history of fashion, as well as his aesthetic and cultural heritage since his disappearance. The man, who profoundly marked the post-war years, remains a living figure in the imagination of the house he founded and whose spirit he has long shaped, but also in the world of fashion and art of yesterday and today. This exhibition intends to revisit the historical work of the great couturier, while illuminating its influence on contemporary creation. For the first time in the history of the Museum of Decorative Arts, this unique retrospective will unfold on all the fashion galleries as well as in the central nave of the museum.

Visitor Reviews



Amazing !!
26 Aug, 2017

Amazing exhibition! Of course for fashion lovers but not only. Very beautiful display and merchandising, impressive quantity of dresses and accessories. I went on a Sunday morning so very busy sadly. Every room is very different from the previous one so the show is very entertaining.I highly recommend this exhibition. You will discover many pieces, see some famous pieces and realize how much work fashion is. And fashion is art!! Enjoy



Amazing Experience
16 Aug, 2017

The setting was some kind of magical, a unique and lovely retrospective of Christian Dior's achievement. Every decade influenced by the many artistic directors has its own atmosphere, there's also a tribute to Yves saint Laurent and his impact on the parisian house of couture before he decided to leave and start his own.

H. Timothy

H. Timoth...

Dresses are dresses but set-up incroyable
05 Aug, 2017

Fashion is not my thing and it was a 1000 degrees in the first couple galleries but the set-up at the end made the experience worthwhile. The place was packed with very trendy people in their finest outfits which also added to the fun. It's a big show so if you're into the House of Dior it could take up a small chunk of your day.

H. Aurelie

H. Aureli...

Mesmerized and… Tired!!
05 Aug, 2017

The ultimate feeling I had at the end was mesmerized. This exhibition is aptly named: “couturier du rêve” as it really makes the visitor dream from the entrance to the exit. It is extremely rich as it mixes paintings, films, sculptures and objects in addition of course to clothing and accessories, each as stunning as the next. The narrative also is rich and interesting. I particularly liked the parallel made between Dior and the artists of his time, who were inspiring relationships for the couturier. However, I’d like to emphasize a few negative points: a big part is in the complete dark – as often for fashion or jewelry shows –it’s true that it highlights the pieces displayed, but it’s tiring for the visitor who wants to read the texts and labels or who just tries to progress throughout the exhibition. Besides, it was extremely hot in the first part of the show. Last, I would say that it’s too long. Really really interesting and beautiful but if you want to read and see everything you need more than two big hours. And to finish on a positive note, I would add that the last part is absolutely magnificent and that this part alone is worth the visit!



01 Aug, 2017

Superbe exposition! Mise en scène très réussie. Exposition assez longue, énormément de contenu... il manque peut être quelques explications... mais on en sort avec de belles robes plein les yeux!