People in different ways

Estonian National Museum


04 JUN 2017 - 17 SEP 2017
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The exhibition consists of portraits of people as seen by Tiiu Kirsipuu and Ilmar Kruusamäe. Tiiu Kirsipuu has made ten big portraits of people she knows or has known, many of them whom she calls interesting and colourful people and regards as her friends. In addition, one of the sculptures is also a self-portrait from the beginning of Kirsipuu's creative path. Her sculptures express the subjects' activities or specialities and are similar to the real life people with a bit of playfulness and gentleness. The clothes on the sculptures are authentic and come from wardrobes of the models. Ilmar Kruusamäe has been interested in depiciting man since the beginning. He has painted his friends and acquaintances in an hyper-realistic manner, bearing in mind playfulness and irony. Kruusamäe is known for his wonderful play on words and technical and semantic variability which can also be seen in the present exhibition. The people portrayed are well captured and honestly depicted.