The Sculptural Turn: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics

Asian Art Museum

San Francisco Area

09 NOV 2016 - 26 NOV 2017
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Contemporary Japanese artists are taking a number of turns—from functional forms, from apprenticeships, from traditional materials, and from exclusively male production—to shape sculptural ceramics. The Sculptural Turn showcases the work of fourteen Japanese clay artists, all born after World War II, whose work expands on early twentieth-century experimental forms. Unlike previous generations of Japanese potters who learned exclusively from master craftsmen, these artists studied in universities and in many cases came to ceramics after exploring other fields. They are masters of technique, material, and concept. Their practices are informed by various cosmopolitan sources, even when they are part of a longstanding family lineage or regional tradition. Drawn together by collectors with an eye for abstract, minimalist, and expressionistic contemporary art, this exhibition tells a story of the changing character of clay in Japan.