Black and White: Japanese Modern Art

MFA Boston

Boston Area

30 SEP 2017 - 03 JUN 2018
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Centered around a newly acquired, large-scale calligraphy by Inoue Yūichi (1916–85), this exhibition showcases a selection of avant-garde works in the monochrome aesthetic shared widely in Japan and beyond during the postwar period. This sensibility is rooted in Zen Buddhism, which values simplicity and austerity, and remains influential today. The works in the exhibition are the results of transnational exchanges between Japanese artists like Inoue and their American Expressionist contemporaries, including Franz Kline and Jackson Pollock, who drew inspiration from Asian calligraphy for their gestural paintings. Among the nine works on view are prints, ceramics and sculpture, primarily drawn from the MFA’s collection.

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Aurelie reviewed

Black and White: Japanese Modern Art
@ MFA Boston, Boston Area, USA
24 Oct, 2017

Disappointing. Calling a small room with a few art pieces an exhibition is a bit exaggerated! Even if the few artworks were not bad.