Adrían Villar Rojas: Theater of Disappearance

MOCA Geffen Contemporary

Los Angeles

22 OCT 2017 - 26 FEB 2018
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MOCA presents Adrián Villar Rojas: The Theater of Disappearance, a site-specific installation inside The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA’s warehouse space. Villar Rojas (b. 1980, Rosario, Argentina) has built a singular practice by creating environments and objects that seem to be in search of their place in time. Villar Rojas’s interventions beckon viewers to consider fragments that exist in a slippery space between the future, the past, and an alternate reality in the present. With his post-human artworks, Villar Rojas posits the question: What happens after the end of art? Villar Rojas’s method is emphatically site-specific, requiring a deployment of project-based teams who work on-site for extended periods of time to fabricate the installations. Long before the beginning of a project, he makes a series of site visits to immerse himself in the social, cultural, geographical, and, above all, institutional environment where he will work.

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Timothy reviewed

Adrían Villar Rojas: Theater of Disappearance
@ MOCA Geffen Contemporary, Los Angeles, USA
12 Nov, 2017

The artist has his ideas about how he wants audiences to experience this show but as a visitor I could have used a frame of reference from which to approach it. It’s a very different experience than other exhibitions so worth the visit but as I left I realized I may not have fully grasped his narrative.