[l'Envol] Taking Flight

Maison Rouge


14 JUN 2018 - 28 OCT 2018
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With a slightly metaphorical title, the last exhibition of La Maison Rouge deals with the human dream of flying, of flying without ever really being interested in those who have succeeded. The flight is approached from fantastic, imaginary, marvelous, fictional, mystical angles. To stay in current forms, the curators have deliberately ignored the old paintings despite the immensity of its mythological or religious representations, angels or hybrids. The exhibition presents a very large number of works by contemporary artists (Panamarenko, Roman Signer, Agnes Geoffray, Lucien Pelen, Stephen Thidet, Rebecca Horn ...), popular artists (Gustav Mesmer, Karl Hans Janke, Hans Georgi, Emery Blagdon ...) and folk artists (Hergé, Zorro, George Méliès, Moebius ...). This exhibition "between friends" is proposed by Bruno Decharme, Antoine de Galbert, Barbara Safarova and Aline Vidal.